Tuesday, 12 May 2009

New Style Website Pages (at last !)

I plead guilty - this post is blowing my own trumpet !

The MSN Office Basics website I use is actually quite a primitive beast, and I've probably made it do far more than the programmers originally envisaged.

The latest thing I've done, in response to a few customer comments, is start using thumbnail images that, when clicked on, open a new window with a full sized version in, and for items with several colour options, making the text with the colour name a link that does the same thing. That way, you can see the product in it's full glory, and the thumbnails have really small file sizes which help the pages load a little faster.

It's meant that I've ended up learning a lot more about my camera, as a lot of the images I used before were not really up to the job. With about 1800 lines, it's going to take a good time before I re-photograph everything, but all new products will be done new-style.

The first full page I've done this way is a completely revamped Chessex dice page. The old photos really didn't do the dice justice ! Some of the dice (especially the Frosted and Precision Edge ones) phtographed really well. The Black/Silver Phantom ones have actually become a nightmare; the camera picks up a lot of purple which isn't visible to the naked eye. I feel a photoshop session coming on......

I hope you like the new look - it's planned to gradually spread across the site. Probably at about the same rate we're all catching swine flu (slowly, in other words) ;) If you want to have a gander, the Chessex page can be found at http://snmstuff.co.uk/chessex.aspx

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