Thursday, 25 October 2012

Time to kick this blog back into life !

Okay, this blog has been left lonely and abandoned for far too long.  Time to bring it back to life, but this time (hopefully !) a bit more consistently.

Microsoft switched off their Office Live platform, so we moved to Magento.  The idea was that the new site would have an integrated blog, but actually the whole thing turned into a bit of a nightmare.   Magento is probably a great system if you're a big company with a budget of tens of thousands of pounds and an in-house IT team to keep the gremlins at bay, but we found out the hard way that it isn't ideal for a business as small as ours !

So after a few months struggling with Magento trying to get it to work properly, we did the sensible thing and moved over to a hosted solution called Big Commerce.  It's a joy to work with !  Things in it just... work.  That gives me more time to find new products, write newsletters, and work on developing our new shop (a real life one, not just a virtual internet one !)

As for the blog, well I'm determined to blog more often, with product reviews, commentary on topical themes (sometimes controversial, hopefully interesting), and build or paint reports of things that are on the workbench.  The last category is, of course, mostly a nice way for me to practice new techniques andfind out for myself how some of our new products behave in real life....