Saturday, 19 April 2008

Our Newest Product - Simulated Barbed Wire

I'd forgotten how long it was since I last posted on here !

It's been a manic time, with sales holding reasonably steady despite the credit crunch, and lots of new items added to the website. These include Mig Pigments, adhesives, and lots of additional items for established ranges.

Best of all, we've launched our very first "Own Brand" product; simulated barbed wire. This wire is ideal for model-making and wargaming for any period after the devilish stuff was invented in 1868 (or 1874 - the first patent for an early design was issued in 1868, but the modern design we all know and love was patented by Joseph Glidden in 1874). You can find our simulated barbed wire on the Scenics page of our website; - this is a bit of a transitional page, as we've converted it from being purely Vallejo to general scenics. We'll hopefully do a tidying-up exercise next week !

This weekend (well, today, at least) is going to be a day of rest, for the first time in ages ! I'm going off to Salute at it's new venue in Docklands - looking forward to it, and hoping it stops raining soon....

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