Saturday, 3 November 2007

Tabby and the vet

Not a business-realted post this one....

Tabby Cat is our SnM office junior in charge of morale boosting, milk drinking and general cuteness duties, only he's convinced HE is in fact in charge. Well, actually he is; as they say "dogs have owners, cats have staff".

But we had to take him to the emergency vet last night, with a terrible wound to his tongue. We think he tangled with a hedgehog and (never having seen one before) didn't realise that all those spikes are sharp. He hates travelling at the best of times, and somehow telepathically knows when he's going to the vets. So of course, he made himself scarce while we were on the phone to them.

By the time he reappeared, it was midnight. Even though he put up a terrific fight to avoid being put in his box, and cried a bit on the way down, he was ever so good. Not once did he lash out and try to claw or bite anyone. But he's really a very good natured little thing, and I think he knew we were doing it to make him better.

They gave him antibiotics and pain killers, and we've had to take him back again this morning to be knocked out and have stitches. Hopefully we'll get a call in a couple of hours to say he's okay and ready to come home..... we're both missing his company already.

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